META-Health Practitioner's Standards

The IMMA standards for META-Health Professionals show the level of competence, experience and expertise as a practitioner.

Following requirements must be met to be awarded with the title:

Level 2: META-Health Practitioner

META-P Milestone Assessment

Using the IMMA evaluation form Master Trainers needs to ensure that the trainee is qualified in META-Health methodology, demonstrating proficiency in META-Health Analysis, creating a META-Health Action Plan. See META-P Evaluation Sheet. 

Training Content


  • META-Health Models
  • Body’s Healing Intelligence
  • Subjective Association of Reality and Traumatic Events
  • Traumas, Stress Triggers, Emotions and the Cause of Disease
  • Brain layers and their Organ Connection (Charts, Wiki)
  • Organ Reactions under Stress and Regeneration
  • Major Points and Phases of the Healing process
  • The Alarm Function / Tracks
  • Psychological Health Issues (Basic)
  • The Biological Function of microbes


Guideline by META-Health methodology

  • General understanding of the tissue reaction principles under stress and regeneration
  • Ability to apply the principles in different tissues
  • Knowing how to use the organ directory / META-Wiki
  • Emotion and beliefs elicitation
  • Extensive Live Analysis Demos by Master Trainer
  • Extensive Analysis Exercises and Practices 


  • Rapport-building skills (Breathing, Language, VAKOGS, Physiology, Energy)
  • Being Present (Listening Skills, Learning State, Organ Awareness, Forgiveness)
  • Emotion Release Technique Basic Intro
  • Reframing Technique Basic Intro
  • Create META-Health Action / Therapy Plan based on META-meaning / wisdom found

IMMA Core Standards for META-P Certification

  • Prerequisite: META-Health Level 1 (Foundation) Training or equivalent 
  • Minimum 125 hours of training (generally over 6 months)
  • Clear understanding of META-Health methodology for Analysis & Therapy demonstrated by the submitted case studies, accepted by accredited Master Trainer and/or the Certification Committee
  • Ability to distinguish between typical symptom qualities in Brain Stem, Cerebellum, Cerebral Medulla and Cerebral Cortex with the help of charts/wiki /META-Health material
  • Ability to guide a client to find a META-meaning in their symptom 
  • Create an individual results-oriented META-Health Action/Therapy Plan based on the symptom(s) and META-meaning found 
  • Ability to use an emotional/stress trigger technique, belief change and real-life solutions, shown in case studies
  • Minimum 5 high quality, well-documented cases with clients submitted and uploaded to IMMA database
  • Trainee needs to be willing to work on own health and personal growth issues 
  • Theory testing through IMMA-accredited theory exam 
  • Practical testing by Master Trainer or Certification Committee using Assessment Form 

IMMA membership is required to access the META-Wiki and to be certified.

Accredited Master Trainer sends list of confirmed students to for Board Certification. Alternatively, lateral entrants and students of non-accredited Trainers can apply to the Certification Committee to be examined and certified, providing required theory exam, case studies and demonstration of live META-Health coaching process. 

IMMA membership and ongoing education is expected to keep the title of Accredited META-Health Practitioner.

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