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Two-day META-Health Workshop

META-Health Courses In India

Details of META-Health Course -LEVEL1

META-Health Level 1: Foundation

Learn the new Health Paradigm that will transform your understanding of prevention and therapy of any disease!

  • In the Foundation Course you get the overview of the META-Health concept and it’s implications for self-healing, assistance in transforming disease, and achieving sustainable health and resilience.
  • You will understand the natural, dynamic path of healing, and be empowered to lift your – and others’ – consciousness to make use of our potential!
  • Demonstrations and exercises will lead you to deeply integrate the wisdom of your body, and inspire you to actively claim and support your health.

Anybody who is interested can participate in the META-Health Foundation Training.

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Next workshops in META-Health level 1

- Third week of December at New Delh

- Second week of January at Mumbai

-Third week of March in Rishikesh

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Details of META-Health Course -LEVEL2 & level 3

META-Health Level 2: Practitioner

In India This modules is broken into two moduleslevel 2 and level 3This ground-breaking Practitioner Certification Training (125 hours) is the foundation to become a META-Health Professional. You will learn META-Health Analysis and META-Therapy and specifically:  

  • Understand the META-Health principles and the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief Connection
  • Use the 9 major Points and Phases of Healing with your clients
  • Establish stress triggers, emotions and beliefs affecting your client’s health issue
  • Unlock people’s healing potential through health supporting lifestyle changes
  • Develop integrative META-Health Action Plans for your clients

META-Health Level 2 in Detail

Learn META-Health Symptom Analysis

  • Meaning and application of the Body-Mind-Social connection, lifestyle and habits for stress processing
  • Points and phases in the adaptation- and in self-healing processes in practice: reaction patterns and strategies in all organ- and brain layers
  • The logical steps of a META-Health Coaching session: Guidance for specific and comprehensive analysis and tailor-made coaching & therapy
  • Methods to uncover unconscious trauma, stress triggers, emotions and belief patterns
  • Symptom examples and practical exercises of META-Health differential analysis
  • Principles of embryology, epigenetics, energy- and quantum medicine
  • Psychological symptoms and their biological background

In India This modules is broken into two modules level 2 and level 3
Tools for Coaching & Therapy

  • Step-by-step-guidance for therapeutic practice
  • Effective communication, rapport and sensory acuity
  • Resourcing & activation of Self-healing properties
  • Clear emotional charge
  • Adjust beliefs and values

The training consists of 125 hours.Prerequisite: META-Health Level 1 Foundation Course or equivalent

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META-Health Level 4 Master Practitioner

Deepen and hone your analysis and coaching skills! The focus of this training will be especially on integrative therapy and achieving transformations with your client:  

  • Achieve excellence in META-Health Analysis by deepening META-Health understanding for all organ systems and analysis of multiple-layered conditions
  • Introduction to further transformative techniques and the methodology to dissolve and replace stress triggers, negative emotions and beliefs
  • Work with psychological symptoms, inner resistance and blockages
  • Practice and supervision with clients
  • Profiling and business strategies

Level 3 in Detail:

You will get

  • Knowledge about all organ systems, their layers, functions and connections
  • Subtleties and special cases in differential analysis
  • Advanced META-Health Analysis & integrative therapy approaches
  • Psychological symptomology in detail: anxiety, mania & depression, hormonal imbalances, autism, aggression, eating disorders

Coaching strategies for all situations

  • Trauma healing
  • Regression and reimprinting work
  • Core values and peace processes
  • Polarities and secondary gains
  • Reorientation and motivation
  • Strategies for prevention, vitalization and resilience

The training consists of additional 125 hours.Prerequisite: META-Health Level 2: Certified Practitioner

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