What is Health?

Health according to most of us is maintained by right exercise, lifestyle, stress-free lifestyle and good eating habits. Despite this, people fall sick.   

So what is disease? 

When we breakup the word DIS-Ease, it addresses some situation, or person that we are not at ease with. The outside dis-comfort could have caused inner discomfort and visa versa.  Its like the question, Did  the egg come first? or Did the hen?  

Imagine you are having two families, one is internal family made up of 7trillion cells  and external family made up of your family members. All cells have to work in sync with each other. If they are happy they talk to each other and keep your body and mind healthyThey behave exactly in the same way your external family of your loved ones, who have to be happy to make you feel happy and accepted. If you are not happy internally it shows externally and visa versa. Question is what will you change in your internal and external environment to bring you to the place of peace.Many diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, eyesight problems are not even perceived as a disease anymore.   You try to bring about lifestyle change  for yourself so that your life and body can come back to normal. We need to really understand what exactly is health and what exactly is disease.

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Frequently asked questions about Meta-Health

Dr Anu Mehta addressing at the 9th META-health conference in Barcelona.

What is META-Health?

META-Health is an empowering new way of looking at illness. META-Health is not a therapy and makes no claims to heal or cure, only to look at the whole person, mind, body and soul in the environment in which they live, and to diagnose exactly what set off a process of illness in the first place. Then, it is up to the informed individual to decide how best to move forward within traditional, complementary and alternative medicine.need to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.

The use of integrative approach to health and wellness has grown within care settings across the world. Researchers are currently exploring the potential benefits of integrative health in a variety of situations and programs to promote healthy behaviors. More and more university medical schools worldwide are establishing departments for integrative medicine and offering trainings and education for postgraduates.

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Dr Kwesi Anan Odum and Dr Anu Mehta using colours to identify the conflicts causing disease.

What are the Questions does META-Health answers?

1.Why I have the disease?
2.Why  did I get the disease now?
3. Why has this part of my body reacted and not another part of my body?
4. Why won’t my disease go away?
5. Why does my disease keep coming back?

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What does META-Health help me with?

IIt will help me to get answers to questions like, what can I do about my disease? For answering this question it is important to establish basic’s about disease and theories we currently accepting about why our bodies and our minds fall unwell. Since we all are unique individuals – with commonalities, this knowledge of META-Health will help us to set a clearer understanding of ourselves.

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Can our perceptions cause health problems?

We perceive any information 

through your 6 senses, We see through your eyes, you hear through our ears, you feel either by touch or it’s an emotional feeling like sadness or anger, you have sense of smell through your nose i.e. when you smell food, smell of hospital, perfume, etc. you have sense of taste that helps you to perceive any situation and last, how you think? And all these senses of perceptions actually create our world. And thus in a stressful situation, how you see, smell, feel, think, taste, heard create your disease. And therefore if you change your perception you change your disease too. And only when you give meaning to your stress it creates your disease. So for example your teenage son walks up to you and expresses, “Mom, I don’t want to stay with you anymore”. Will you as a mother have any plan and know what to tell your only child?  You may try to stop him, but despite everything you say or do, he decides to leave as he is itching for his own space. He calls up his friend, packs his bags, reaches to the door and tells you, “Mom I am going, will only return the day I achieve something”.  This episode may land as a shock on you, as you wonder why this is happening. As this decision of your son is has all the qualities of been; UNEXPECTED, DRAMATIC, ISOLATING, and you have NO PLAN as to how to deal with this, now reality thus this has a potential of causing your disease.   But it will depend on your perception, like in this situation how will you feel?  You can’t live without your child (Brain Stem)  You can’t protect and nurture your child (Cerebellum)  You feel you’re not a good mother (Medulla)  You feel separated from your child (Cortex)  Depending on your perception, the stress triggers will hit one of the brain layer and the well suited organ in that specific brain layer and thus cause your disease.

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Can our perceptions cause health problems?

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What does META-Health believe in?

Lets ask ourselves, can my body heal itself?

Yes it can !  As a child, we have often fallen and cut ourselves, haven’t we? After the fall, the wound was cleaned and plastered. We have observed that  the wound got better by itself and developed a scab over it. This rapid healing happened by itself. Hence we can conclude that our bodies  can get back to normal state called Health and heal itself without much effort. Lets take  the example of chickenpox, measles and mumps. We have extensive vaccination programs today to prevent diseases,yet we fail to understand that in olden times if anyone came down with any of the above then the only thing prescribed was bed rest, fluids and waiting period to allow the body to  naturally heal itself. No medical intervention was given or expected. 

In case of bone breakage, bone heals by itself and usually immobilization is the only thing required. 

Can Stress make us unwell?

Stress can leave us feeling overwhelmed and under pressure thus making us physically ill. 
Emotional reactions, then lead to physical reactions, these depend on the perception of the individual, which can change depending on their state of mind at the time of the occurrence of the  emotional event.

The META-Health perspective
Research have shown  a precise link between certain health conditions and specific events occurring in the life of the patient and the disease  formed so.  A specific shocking event impacts the body causing  physical symptoms ,the severity and amounts of shock determines the intensity and length of the disease.Every  symptom has a story  behind it, people suffering from testicular or ovarian cancer, have had an emotional history of loss of something or someone important in their lives. Every disease has an associated emotional background. 

META-Health gives a greater understanding of our holistic health by achieving a healing plan. META-Health professional will  break down symptoms, look at organs/brain layer/tissue impacted and conflict theme behind the disease. A patient understands the process of DIS-EASE and deals with his illness from love and not fear.META-Health helps the patient  to understand what happened and how he creator disease and what triggers his illness, this helps him to  take responsibility to work on situations causing negative emotions and adjust his lifestyle to achieve wellness

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How can META-Health help in external appearance?

Just like we take care about our external appearance and grooming, we need to pay attention to our internal grooming by creating a stress free internal environment. Our external and internal environments are mirror images of one another.

We, as humans being don’t know how to be dishonest for too long. If we are internally unhappy, sad, irritated, frustrated and show a permanent smile on the outside, then our dishonesty will always create physical illnesses and mental adaptation called disease. This fake living is the by-product of evolution and advancement.

People in olden times lived a different environment. Women during those times being feminine was considered as an essence of being a woman. Men typically played male oriented roles.Today a working woman and home husbands and working men has to bite a lot more than she/he can chew. She/he has to not only cope up with home demands with great ease, but also with work demands and role reversals. These women /men seamlessly play various roles of being a daughter/son, a wife/husband, a mother/father, a nurturer/a breadwinner, and a caretaker/protector during their modern lifetime. The increased workload can make them feel burdened, not pampered, misunderstood and not balanced in their feminine/male energies and this may lead to increase in their masculine/feminine energy as they want to pay a role of being a super human-being. This may lead to disturbances in their sexuality.

This increased demand on her/his by the society changes her soft, caring, loving and nurturing interior into a hard, tough, competitive exterior.  Despite all their achievements and accomplishments they may not feel valued enough, thus creating an internal conflict, which can shake their internal and external composure. This slip in their mask of composure can cost them their job, their peace and they may  get into the trap of self-judge themselves, thus creating various diseases at physical and mental level.

Why should one learn META-Health ?

-It is an opportunity to gain clarity about the root causes of disease & Improve your physical, mental and emotional health and vitality.

-To understand and experience why your emotions and thoughts can make you sick or heal you.

- To be inspired by Integrative Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Energy Workers, ...
- To meet and share with like-minded people who are passionate about healthy and conscious living. 
-To share your own story and experience in the open forum sessions

What are the reasons that make META-Health a revolutionary health paradigm

Radically expands your 'trust' in your Body's Healing Intelligence
- Identifies the Root-Cause and Process of Disease 
-Helps to promote Self-Healing capacity of individual.

-Connects Organs, Stress, Emotion, Belief, Self-Image with Specific Symptoms 
- Teaches you the 8 META-Health Milestones of Self-Healing
-Can be integrated in any Therapy System
-Can be explained by Scientific Research in Psychoneuroimmunology,

Psychosomatic Medicine and  Epi-Genetics

What kind of health approach is META-Health?

It is an Integrative Approach to health care
To support self-healing, all interventions appropriate for the individual can be undertaken. These can be mindfulness, meditation, physical therapy, nutrition, energy and quantum medicine.
To practice META-Health does not mean you should not see a doctor!
Quite the opposite, META-Health professionals want to cooperate and help conventional health care to become more effective and sustainable, looking at the individual.

According to META-Health Our Body Never Lies.

Are you Meta-Healthy? By Ms. Anu Mehta HELP TALKS Video