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Dr. Anu Mehta

Dr. Anu Mehta


META-Health India is about the spiritual tools Dr. Anu Mehta used to heal herself. She did not know that this would create light, love, money, and security for herself and others.

In her experience;
“It’s easy to give up, but if we can continue to move ahead, despite all the challenges, several doors open up, and solutions stand right in front of us.” – Dr. Anu Mehta.

“Several Masters and guides stood in my journey, guiding and navigating me to where the light shines, and I found my calling, a calling so solid and authentic that I felt at peace. I transformed myself from pieces to peace.” – Dr Anu Mehta.

META-Health for Dr Anu Mehta was a journey of love and light. She learnt many modalities, which she connected with META-Health.

Dr. Anu Mehta met Karl Dawson and Richard Flook in 2008 in the Czech Republic in East Europe, where she lived then.

Karl Dawson helped her heal the wounds of abuse she faced in early childhood. Karl Dawson helped the wounded six-year-old child in her to connect with her lost soul, safety, love and light. Karl Dawson, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting had magically helped Dr. Anu Mehta to heal the wounded soul. Many children like her and her generations experienced Healing with her soul healing. Dr. Anu Mehta is today India’s First Master Trainer in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting under EFTMRA.

Karl Dawson
Richard Flook

For Dr. Anu Mehta, Richard Flook, her META-Health Master Trainer, has been an inspiration in her life. He reminded her of Captain James Tiberius Kirk, a fictional character in the Star Trek media franchise. She did not miss out on any Star Trek TV Serial as a kid. For her, Richard Flook had magically moved out of the TV screen to make her feel that she was enough to become the First Trainer and then a Master Trainer Of META-Health and Master Trainer for Advanced Clearing Energetics for India. Richard Flook had made her feel that her clipped wings were suddenly gaining strength and growth, and now She Could and Will.

Richard Fook also introduced her to the world of NES-Health.

Dr. Kwesi Anan Odum inspired Dr Anu Mehta to understand that authenticity is a value which is an essential ingredient required to heal the past and the present so that we can live the future we desire. To shine brightly and to allow yourself to see beyond the illusions of greed and Maya is a trustworthy source of love and light. He made her see that education is wisdom when we transform ourselves by learning what makes us feel authentic. It is not collecting accolades but letting go of what our soul needs to let go off so that we can shine in our light as beautiful beings. He opened her eyes to the world of possibilities by showing me the path of diagnosing and healing psychology and biology with colours and Tarot cards. Dr Anu Mehta is presently studying Genius Report with him.

Dr. Kwesi Anan Odum
Penny Croal

Penny Croal has been a navigator in Dr. Anu Mehta’s life; without her presence, she could not have bridged the gap between education and execution.
Dr. Anu Mehta spoke to Penny in 2010. Penny was visiting Goa, India; for the first time, she called Anu to request her to help with her Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reimprinting and META-Health Workshop in Mumbai. Dr. Anu Mehta explains that she had never dreamt of organizing a workshop or even booked a hotel for the same. This experience with Penny laid a foundation for various teachers from the West to come to the East. She hosted Richard Flook, Dr. Kwesi Anan Odum, Rob Van Overbruggen, Cyril Bourke, Rose Hayman, Dr. Bader, Jasmina Kovacev, Robert Waghmare and many other international speakers in India.

Penny, on this ver visit, also suggested that Anu can travel to Estonia to attend the META-Health Conference. Dr. Anu Mehta had never travelled alone till then abroad. Travelling To Estonia opened massive gates of possibilities for Dr. Anu Mehta.

Dr. Anu Mehta travelled extensively to various parts of the globe to study, deliver and attend workshops. 

Rob Van Overbruggen has helped Dr Anu Mehta with many life learning. Dr Anu Mehta talked about a complicated situation during The 8th META-Health Conference in Mumbai, India, wherein some participants felt that Dr Anu Mehta had charged them unfairly.
Rob Van Overbruggen helped her by making her understand the value of her time and energy, and he explained to her how she could, with love and consistency, put forth her point of view. Rob Van Overbruggen made her realize that her conditioning was still coming in the way of her personal growth. Dr Anu Mehta still viewed herself as a sparrow and needed to understand that her wings were now as strong as an eagle’s, and she could allow herself to soar high.

Rob Van Overbruggen

“We as humans get caged by our conditioning, beliefs and perceptions, for our soul to feel healthy we need to expand our boundaries and set ourselves free from self-judgement.” – Dr Anu Mehta.

Jens Zygar not only encouraged Dr Anu Mehta to connect with the sound of the instruments but also with the sound of her heart and her breath. Our voice carries our emotions; our agent can be healing or can be full of suspended negative emotions; we need to be empty vessels to create Healing Prana or Chi.

“Every step of the way, I felt guided, loved and inspired by my gurus, who were my soul mates to let go and set my soul free” – Dr Anu Mehta.

Dr Anu Mehta went to study various modalities like Reiki, Tarot Cards, Cowrie Reading, Pendulum Dowsing, Neuro Linguistic Program, Lûscher Colour Diagnostics, Family Constellations,
Sound Healing, Drawing analysis, Nuerographic Drawings.

“These tools have no power to heal without the intension and need to heal oneself” – Dr Anu Mehta.

Dr Anu Mehta realized through her healing journey that we observe our conflicts that lead to our disease at a conscious level, but the wealth of solutions lies in understanding the subconscious level. The use of speech and vocabulary restricts us, as we get caught up in this that we miss the language of the subconscious and our body. We are so busy trying to be perfect that we notice imperfections as failures; natural seeds of Healing lie very deep. Drawing, the language of colours and sound, is an excellent tool for understanding the language of the subconscious. Family constellations help heal the imbalance in the system that we exist in as individuals.

“True Healing does not require the eradication of a disease but understanding where we are compromising internal harmony to keep my external environment happy. Honesty is not only tricky but also impossible and small in front of loyalty to our loved ones. – Dr Anu Mehta

Dr Anu Mehta is grateful that META-Health India, which she loves calling The Harry Potter School Of Magic, exists today. Dr Anu Believes this achievement had the support of the right kind people at the right time. From Nothing to Creating more than 1000 students who have studied under her guidance over the last ten years. From being the only trainer and Master Trainer In India in Meta-Health to having created three more Master Trainers and Two Trainers in META-Health.
It is a significant achievement, yet She feels that there are miles to go before she sleeps, Miles to go before she sleeps.

Dr Anu Mehta urges people to please find their conflicts, heal their stresses and walk on the path of being META-Healthy.

DO connect with us and share your healing journeys. We will publish your life trip as an inspirational story

Anu Mehta started her EFT and MR journey with Karl Dawson in 2008, who is today the Director of Training for the EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Academy (EFTMRA), and was then running his first workshop on Matrix Reimprinting in the Czech Republic.
The very first time Dr Anu Mehta tried EFT, she thought that finally she will be free of all emotions and will attain freedom forever from all negative states of being.
In 2008, then 40-year-old, Anu Mehta experienced that after the first workshop on EFT and MR that the images of her earlier trauma and abuse began clouding her mind. Interestingly for her, she was able to release and express all the suppressed emotions within her. She had always heard, “Strong girls and women don’t cry. They can deal with everything.” So she had never shown her emotions, and her hurt to anyone. She knew how to have a smile on her face when she was crying inside. She had always given an impression of being a brave woman to everyone. She realized that behind her brave girl mask was standing a crumbled, abused six-year-old who had learnt the art of pleasing people and thus showing them what they wanted to see.

She understood that it had taken years to create this suppression and, slowly with help of EFT and MR, she began to unwind these suppressed tangled emotions and learnt to do things for herself. She learned to deal with her anger toward her parents who did not see anything amiss.

Today she has helped many children like her, the kid who behaves empowered but is hidden under the shadows of darkness and secrets. She also has created a new bond of connection with her parents and with herself of love and understanding.

This was not possible without Karl Dawson and her journey with EFT and MR.

Today She is EFT Trainer and one among 25 Matrix Reimprinting Trainers worldwide under EFTMRA by Karl Dawson and the first and only licensed Matrix Reimprinting Trainer in India so far.
What is EFT?
The full form of EFT is the Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is a tapping technique, like acupuncture, which helps to balance the energy meridians and transforms emotional and physical blockages into learnings, thus allowing the free flow of energy in the meridians.
What is META-Health?
META-Health is an individual, client-centric, integrative, diagnostic and therapeutic tool, Body-Mind-Social health approach, used to gain optimal health and wellness by finding the root cause of an issue or symptom.
META-Health believes in Salutogenesis, a model created by Aaron Antonovsky, focusing on promoting health and welness.

META-Health approach believes that ourintelligent body has a innate ability to self-heal. Body knows how to repair the damage, fight infection, heal wounds, kill cancer cells, heal broken bones and fight the ageing.
Our physical health and mental well-being are directly interconnected. Our perceptions are coloured by the beliefs and values that we inherit from our environment. EFT is an emotional healing technique which is capable of relieving many physical and psychological symptoms at a subconscious level.