Our Journey

Dr. Anu Mehta is a Board member and Representative of India for META-Health International.

On March 22, 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when people faced increased threats of survival during the lockdown,  Dr Anu Mehta Created a beautiful online Platform called THE META HEALTH FAMILY:  THE CONNECTION BEYOND THE LOCKDOWN. These sessions created a life of their own. People from various walks of life from across the globe would meet every day and sometimes twice to share tears, fears, anxiety, laughter, inspirational stories, therapies, and happiness connected every evening over zoom and later over Facebook. This platform helped people to feel safe and face challenges with fun and joy. More Than 400 speakers from all over the world talked about different aspects of life for over 18 months. This platform truly represented a safe, nurturing family and Dr. Anu Mehta, The mentor, friend, orator, coordinator, connector and guide. Join Our Family

I AM EVERY WOMAN:  written by 15 Women authors with a mission to connect with themselves and with EVERY WOMAN who wants to embrace her strength and courage. Dr. Anu Mehta walked a fabulous journey of connecting with the  15 authors of ‘I AM EVERY WOMAN’ and interviewed each of them. Their interviews are present here. Watch Now

Dr. Anu Mehta became the First Master Trainer in META-Health in March 2013 at Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, and META-Health was then called Meta-Medicine.

Dr. Anu Mehta is also the First Master Trainer in E.F.T. and Matrix Reimprinting under E.F.T.M.R.A. by Karl Dawson. She is the only Matrix Reimprinting Trainer for India.

Dr. Anu Mehta is also the Master Trainer in Advanced Clearing Energetics by Richard Flook in India. In 2017 at the 8th International Meta-Health Conference in Mumbai, India.

Dr. Anu Mehta was honored with the Degree of ‘The Doctor of Philosophy [Honoris Causa] from ‘The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo, Shri Lanka. in 2017. Dr. Anu Mehta presented META-Health in Shri Lanka at the ‘The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo’, Shri Lanka, for the first time in Dec 2017. Click to Watch

Dr. Anu Mehta is a facilitator in Family Constellation and has studied at Bert Hellinger Institute.  She also presented at the 10th International META-Health Convention “HORIZONS” in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 28 2022, Introduction to Systemic Constellations to understand Stress and Disease.  Know More >>

Dr. Anu Mehta’s Journey with Sound Music Meditation.
She is a Sound Music Trainer and has learnt by amazing Jens Zygar.
She is part of the 108-minute version of the movie ‘WE ALL JUST NEED TO GONG’. She is one of the 42 personalities of the global gong movement and has shared her insights, visions, experiences, and strategies for her gong routine. Know More >>

She worked as a Guide during COVID Pandemic at get-set-up, an educational startup that created live classes for older adults, by older adults, wherein 4 million older adults learn something new every day to live their best life. She did ‘Sound Meditations’ every Sunday for over 20 months to release negative emotions Click To Watch

Dr. Anu Mehta Introduced Sound Meditation as a medication for the body-mind-soul in CONFERENCES’ The Spirit of We’ META-Health 9th Convention with the international META-Health community from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th, 2018 October, Barcelona. Know More >>

She also had a fantastic opportunity to do the Sound Music Meditation at Brown University, Providence, U.S.A., in November 2018.  Know More >>

She also played sound in Egypt, Cairo, in 2019 for the participants of the conference, and she also played sound in the kindergarten school for children as young as four. Click Here

Dr. Anu Mehta had an opportunity to play Sound Meditation at Hotel Sahara Star International, Mumbai, Mrs India, I am Powerful Grand Finale, “I am Powerful”, in June 2019 Know More 

Dr. Anu Mehta’s Journey with the N.E.S. Health Bioenergetic System.
Dr. Anu Mehta is also a distributor for ‘The N.E.S. Health Bioenergetic System’ for restoring Energy and Health.
This system gets into the root of health concerns with bioenergetics and assess’s and corrects the body’s control system.
This system measures hundreds of wellness points in just seconds with remarkable accuracy. Instantly know where the body needs support.
N.E.S. miHealth combines S.C.E.N.A.R. (with biofeedback), P.E.M.F., and global scaling with proprietary bio-signals to support the body’s energy flow.
The proprietary liquid remedies, N.E.S. Infoceuticals, correct information in the body’s control system, supporting its self-restoring abilities.

Dr. Anu Mehta presented at Luxembourg in 2014 at NES-Health Conference a success story of a two-day-old baby whose doctors told her that she would never be able to walk correctly. Dr Anu Mehta was able to Integrate of NES’-Health and META-Health’ which helped this beautiful old girl to walk appropriately. Click Here To Watch

Dr. Anu Mehta also partner’s with Zinzino BalanceOil+, an all-natural Polyphenol Omega Balance food supplement high in olive polyphenols, Omega-3 and Vitamin D3. This product safely adjusts and maintains E.P.A. + D.H.A. levels and the Omega-6:3 Balance in your body while protecting your cells from oxidation. It contains a premium blend of oils derived from wild-caught small fish and pre-harvest extra virgin olive oil.

Dr. Anu Mehta’s journey with Colour Psychology started way back in 2014.
She got trained in Lüsche-Color-Diagnostics,  by Dr Kwesi Anan Odum.

She has been highly impressed by the work of Dr. Bernie S. Siegel, a successful surgeon who took a class from Elisabeth Kübler-Ross that focused on crayon drawing for healing, especially with patients facing a life-threatening disease. Siegel incorporated into his practice these techniques — many of which were laughed at by others in the medical community. “Dr. Bernie” discovered and shared that while patients might need antibiotics, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, their bodies also want to heal. Dr. Bernie uses drawings to understand the subconscious. prosperity Siegel showed how to interpret drawings to help with everything from understanding why we are sick to making treatment decisions and communicating with loved ones at the META-Health conference in 2010 in Estonia and again in Hawaii in the U.S.A. Meta-Health Conference. All those facing ill health, and those caring for them, personally and professionally, will welcome the hands-on, patient-proven practices offered here.

Dr. Anu Mehta explored her clients’ drawings to understand that unconscious language and attempted to decode the subconscious patterns of the human psyche and the disease.

Dr. Anu Mehta wrote an article on ‘How META Health can use Artwork and colours to identify a person’s state of mind and suicidal tendencies. META-Health analyses crayon drawings of a cancer patient who committed suicide Click Here.

The Article published in Bliss Equity Lifestyle Lounge MagazineMystery of Birth-Marks by Dr. Anu Mehta – May 2017. also talks about how artwork analysis to identify and heal emotional conflicts of the client.

These YouTube links below are talks by Dr. Anu Mehta, wherein she has Integrated Artwork and Luscher Colour to identify the emotional conflicts causing disease. These links are present on the platform of ‘The Health Library’.

  • Connecting Drawings & Luscher Colour Test With Health Problems By Ms. Anu Mehta HELP Talks Video.
  • Lusher Colour Test With Health Problems Part – ll By Ms Anu Mehta HELP Talks Video
  • Mystery Mix of META-Health and Luscher Color System By Ms Anu Mehta HELP Talks Video
  • Lusher Colour Test Part – III: Colours of Fatness By Ms Anu Mehta HELP Talks Video

Presently Dr Anu Mehta is learning Neurographica® art created by Russian psychologist Pavel Piskarev in 2014. He used this art form to transform his stress and fear into a beautiful work and to link the conscience with the subconscious.
This Artwork has two rules:
1. They are conscious in thought and do not follow a repeated pattern/design.
2. They should begin and end on the edge of the paper.

She worked as a Guide at ,  an educational startup where she aided the participants in letting go of their stresses with water colour meditation and clay work [ Play dough and air dry clay ] for over 20 months. She uses Artwork as a diagnostic tool as well as a therapeutic tool. Know More >>

Today she has created her style to use all her experience in Artwork to create a Workshop. The Power of Art Workshop with Dr. Anu Mehta, which she presented at the ‘The 10th International META-Health Convention “HORIZONS” in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 28 2022. Know More >>

Dr. Anu Mehta continues to enhance her skill and is presenting, studying Genius Report and soon hopes to be a couch in Genius Report under Dr. Kwesi Anan Odum.

Dr. Anu Mehta has also trained herself in Hypnotherapy, N.L.P., Tarot cards, Angel cards, Lecher Antenna, and Pendulum Dowsing.

Dr Anu Mehta was a Facilitator for the workshop in Life Positive in the International Spiritual feast organized by Life Positive organization from February 29 to March 01 2020, in New Delhi at Zorba the Buddha, on Heal your soul Light your Life

Dr. Anu Mehta was a Facilitator for the workshop in Life Positive on November 01 2020, on Spiritual Meaning of Illness for International Spiritual Festival 2020, Online Edition

Dr. Anu Mehta was featured on the radio on August 20 2019, on the LIVE show on 107.1HZ F.M. Rainbow titled “Hello Mumbai” between 8-10 am. She spoke about META-Health and information medicine and children and parental pressure. Her hosts were Santosh Sarur and Sujata Jain.

‘The Invincibles with Dr. Nidhika Bahl’!  on Facebook,  A show which celebrates the triumphs of real-life heroes, featured Dr Anu Mehta in the 3rd episode of Invincibles in June 2019. for being brave enough to follow her heart and fulfil her dreams. They addressed her as a passionate mother and a pioneer in Meta Healing, who has healed countless people through the power of Meta Health. Know More >>

Transformational Journey from being a VICTIM TO A VICTOR
Dr. Anu Mehta underwent sexual Abuse at the tender age of six years. She has fearlessly, with courage, resolved and gained immense learning to move ahead in life, which has aided her in helping other children of silence like her. She believes Abuse can happen irrespective of class, caste, creed, sex, personality and nationality. ‘Feeling of shame’ by the victim creates silence and secrecy. According to her, Abuse is the precursor to many health issues, e.g. bipolar disorder, Parkinson’s disease, polycystic ovaries, obesity, thyroid, endometriosis, pimples, infertility, skin issues, and the list goes on.
She has created her healing with the help of three “A” s
1. Awareness: an understanding of what is Abuse
2. Acceptance: taking responsibility and making appropriate choices.
3. Action: Doing something
She has spoken fearlessly about Abuse in various events.
Online International Metamedicine Summit organized by Johannes R. Fisslinger in 2013.

Dr. Anu Mehta produced a movie of  5 minutes 25 seconds duration on October 11, 2014, ‘The Unheard Scream’, on the Relationships of our adult life, which get influenced by the course of events during our childhood. Abuse happens inside our own houses/colonies/schools etc., and Trust, Love Security is lost forever.

She Presented The Unheard Scream’ at META-health Conference at Solihull, the United Kingdom, in 2014, where Dr Anu Mehta presented ‘My Healing Journey, Life after sexual Abuse’ She got a standing ovation for her presentation. Know More >>

She presented the same talk, ‘My Healing Journey – Life after sexual Abuse for The Speaking Tree’ Akasha, on November 16, 2014, at Habitat Centre and later at Epicentre Gurgaon. Know More >>

She also shared her healing journey at the Help Talks, Choices & Solutions After Abuse By Ms. Anu Mehta held on June 04 2015.

She has written articles  in various publications on Abuse.

Life Positive magazine also carried an article on sexual Abuse called Exorcising Abuse.

The blog ‘Your Story’ covered Dr. Anu Mehta’s life story titled, HER STORY, ‘Fighting own demons helped this mother of 2 aid others overcome the trauma of Abuse.

Shivi Verma, the editor of life positive, wrote an article
M.E. (H)TA-MORPHOSIS  on how Dr. Anu Mehta’s traumas transformed her into a healer of international repute and how META-Health can treat illnesses which essentially have stress as their genesis. Know More>>

Dr. Anu Mehta asks a very relevant question, “I read through many stories and literature about positive thinking, that everything is happening for a reason and that nothing is happening by accident. If that is true, what is the reason Abuse is not only happening but also justified? Do we have to react to this only when it happens to us or someone close to us? How many children will have to get sacrificed before we stop dumping this responsibility on the government, God, Police or someone else? When will we take responsibility and stop expecting our loved ones to react to what we are feeling? Is it not ‘Enough of blame game’.

Dr. Anu Mehta has equipped many sexually abused, emotionally abused and physically abused children to heal emotionally. Many like her have moved ahead in their life to find a better future.

Dr. Anu Mehta has a special place for children and women in her heart. She has covered many articles, talks and You-tubes connected with understanding women and children.

Dr Anu Mehta Speaking at Hawaii U.S.A. on NO PAIN NO GAIN on 23-Dec-2015  at the seventh International META-Health Conference. Lifestyle prescriptions quoted her as an author on their website. They interviewed her, and glimpses of that interview are present in this link.

Dr. Anu Mehta spoke on January 17, 2017, again on No Pain No Gain‘ as a part of the  HE LP Talk series at HELP, Health Education Library for People, the world’s most extensive free patient education library.

Dr Anu Mehta presented her research The womb and the women in Hawaii, U.S.A. This research was about Why every fourth woman in Ludhiana, an industrial city in North India, was suffering from breast, uterus or cervix cancer?

Dr. Anu Mehta hosted the 8th International META-Health Conference at Suba International Hotel Mumbai, India, from February 16 (Thursday) to February 19 (Sunday), 2017. This conference was quoted by Kwesi Anan Odum MD, IMMA president then, as “The Friendliest Conference ever.”

At this conference, more than 120 participants from 5 continents joined the meeting. The speakers from various parts of the world, like India, the UK, Germany, Japan, Serbia, New Zealand, Norway, Czech – Republic, Egypt, Ghana, Canada, Denmark and the Netherland, took the stage and empowered people in their self-development. During the four days of this health conference, the theme ‘Transform your mindset for Self-Healing’ various aspects of health covered like ‘Mind-Body-Soul connection’, ‘New developments in the field of health’, ‘Sexual awareness’ and ‘Mental Health awareness’. Following  four days of post-conference workshops  were conducted by the specialists from across the globe in their fields. Watch On YouTube

Dr. Anu Mehta was part of the mega marquee annual multinational W.E.F. 2018 from April 26 to May 01, 2018, in New Delhi on the theme “The Economics of Goodness: Empowering Potential, Engineering Change” at the hotel Taj in Dwarka.

This event attracted over 2000 women from 120+     countries, making it the largest ever-diverse global event.

Dr. Anu Mehta spoke on The Economics of Goodness in Holistic Healing & Integrative Medicine on DAY 3: Saturday, April 28 2018

Award at W.E.F.

A trophy at the Women Economic Forum for being an Exceptional Women of Excellence

Dr. Anu Mehta was a speaker for the wellbeing workshop  at the residential retreat held from 27th-30th July 2017 at Vivanta by Taj at the Bekal, Kerala, India, organized by The Times Of India Group as its 2nd Good Karma Retreat

Dr. Anu Mehta Speaking at Hawaii U.S.A. on NO PAIN NO GAIN on 23-Dec-2015  at the seventh international META-Health Conference

Dr. Anu Mehta was a speaker at SPEAKING TREE AKASHA 2014, a festival of an extravaganza of Spirituality, Health, Wellness and Lifestyle held on 12 & 13 July 2014 at the India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, where people experienced transformations in their inner world.

ZAMBHALA, India’s Yoga, Music & Life Spirit Festival, the first edition held at Bardo, Goa, on December 21st & 22nd, 2013, was the brainchild of 70 Events Media group.
Zambhala festival brought together healers, guided masters, practitioners, therapists, artists, musicians, Shamans, Sufi Masters, doctors, Nutritionists,  nature therapists, experts in past life regression, pranic healing, meditation, dream interpretation, fitness, dance therapy from across the globe.
They performed and gave workshops and took everyone on a journey of emotional, spiritual and physical growth. Dr. Anu Mehta conducted the Emotional Freedom Technique [E.F.T.] workshop and META-Health. Know More >>

Dr. Anu Mehta presented Meta-Medicine for the first time in India on a Transformational Public Platform on October 06, 2012, at the Life Positive Expo held at Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh. She explained to the participants, “We are biological beings, and our bodies are very deeply aligned with what we think or feel. Diseases are nothing but outward symptoms of the inner traumas we are facing,”.
Life Positive magazine acknowledged her by saying, “Dr. Anu Mehta engaging the delegates in energetic healing. She started her workshop by checking everyone’s chakras through a machine. Participants introduced themselves and spoke about their ailments. She explained that the impact of our thoughts and feelings in a traumatic situation can later show up as an illness.” Click Here

Dr Anu Mehta Believes that life is never perfect. We always have choices, and we can wait our whole life to make our life perfect or accept imperfections.

Dr. Anu Mehta says, “Don’t give up; just give yourself permission to set yourself free from the chains holding you down and making you cry”. People are scared of any change or making any changes in their lives, yet they want others in their life to change.

Transformation happens when there are a connection and strong understanding of three “A” pillars – Awareness, Acceptance and Action. Become aware of and accept by taking responsibility for what is not working for you today, and create an action plan to deal with emotional wounds so that you can empower yourself.

Anu believes in empowering people. According to her, real empowerment can only happen when people look deeply into what needs to change in their lives and then make that CHANGE. She says,” The only person who can transform your destiny and make you feel empowered is you, so go ahead and make that one change today”.