Meta Health

What is Health?

The defination of health by World Health Organization is; The health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
Yet our focus is on reducing discomfort and fighting the disease.

What is META-Health?

META-Health is an individual, client-centric, integrative, diagnostic and therapeutic tool, Body-Mind-Social health approach, used to gain optimal health and wellness by finding the root cause of an issue or symptom.

META-Health believes in Salutogenesis, a model created by Aaron Antonovsky, focusing on promoting health and welness.

META-Health approach believes that ourintelligent body has a innate ability to self-heal. Body knows how to repair the damage, fight infection, heal wounds, kill cancer cells, heal broken bones and fight the ageing.

META-Health Analysis

META-Questions helps us identify the specific stress triggers, transform negative emotions and beliefs connected with our organ symptoms to restore health.
This awareness of the unconscious triggers and the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief-Social-Connection lay a solid foundation for self-healing and personal growth.

META-Health Therapy

META-Therapy is a multi-dimensional transformation process which allows us to align with our bodies healing intelligence and self-healing.
Depending on your symptom’s a certified META-Health Professional may use a variety of methods and techniques to:

  •  Release emotions and stress triggers
  • Update your health beliefs
  • Increase vitality
  • Encourage lifestyle changes
  • Develop a META-Therapy plan

What are the benefits of adopting The META-Health approach?

META-Health helps the client to gain the META-View of their disease and symptoms. META-Health helps to answer questions for the client:
  • Why are they unwell?
  • Why are they unwell now?
  • What triggers their symptoms ?
  • Why did a specific organ get diseased?
  • Which specific stress and emotions are impacting their symptoms?
  • What can they do to heal naturally? Which treatments will work best for their type of illness?
  • What lifestyle changes will help them to feel better.
  • How long will it take to regain health?
The client understands that disease is not a mistake but their body’s way of drawing attention to an area of unease in their life.
It helps the client to discover our bodies’ healing intelligence and the META-meaning of your body and mind disease.
The Body-Mind-Spirit perspective helps us to let go of doubts, panic, and superstition from our life and brings our thoughts back to safety, thus reducing stress.
The client learns to identify traumatic events & conflicts preceding illness and, gain an understanding of the emotional and biological meanings of organ symptoms, and start to take responsibility for health.

Mission and Vision

At META-Health India, we believe that we all have a life story which carries our perceptions, beliefs and values beliefs.
Our distorted perceptions are responsible for our DISEASE.
When we Change our life stories, we develop the capability of transforming our challenges into Learning and truly transform our Illness into Wellness.

How does it work?

META-Health looks at the big picture (meta point of view) of illness and health. Meta-Health, as mentioned earlier, is not a healing but a diagnostic tool. The META-Health process helps to find the trapped energy in the brain, body, organ and heart and clear it out. The beauty is in its simplicity.