Integrating Sound with META-Health


How to be healthy and disease-free is an ongoing pursuit for us humans. META approach, helps us to integrate various healing methods like sound vibrations which help healing.

Sound is an excellent meditative, a therapeutic and transformational healing tool. Vedic science and big bang theory quotes that, “Everything that exists around us is created from sound.” 

We humans are 70 percent water, sound vibrations heal by travelling easily through our fluid system and reaching the cellular level with ease. Billions of cells vibrate to create divine blue print which resonates with eternal sound of the planet.  

I have seen various amazing examples of miracles happening with integration of META-Health and Sound created by Tibetian sound bowls.

Abnormal levels of hemoglobin levels of 22, in a young lady in early forties suffering from blood cancer, reduced to the normal of 12.5 within two sitting of sound and Meta-Health integration. 

A school dropout, got 90 percent scholarship and admission to a university in Canada after resolving her anxiety and depression.  A lady was not able to conceive a baby and deliver a healthy baby. I was able to dissolve my fear of dogs and move ahead to have a healthy relationship with animals.

 Research shows that, sound creates health by effectively dissolving physical, mental and emotional blockages and can be safely used by pregnant women, children of all ages including neonates and the one’s suffering from ADHD, autism and speech impairment problems. It also helps old people, animals and plants. 

We humans constantly wear masks of ‘All is well’ and till we are not confront a road block in our health. Sound uproots these unconsciousconflicts and balances us. It has the power to penetrate though the toughest masks and make us take responsibility for things that we are not even aware of. 

Check out this great videoConversation with Dr. Bruce lipton about sound healing


Integration of sound healing with #metahealth,part 1 at the 9th #metahealth conference at Barcelona

Integration of #sound and #metahealth part 2 at the 9th #metahealth conference at Barcelona.